Maxicare Run 2017

I run not because I need, but instead, I run because I love to.

I’ve been running for 2 years already and I think I should be sharing each and every event.

As for this post, this was sponsored by Maxicare, one of the leading health care provider in the Philippines. This is one of the common HMO being tied up in most of the company here in the Philippines. And for that, I decided to join because I feel like the runners will be safe.

Just to set things straight, here in the Philippines, not all events are the same. Not all events have the same organizers, thus, making everything different. From loot bags, to water stands, sports drink stands. Some of them are generous enough to provide wet cold sponges and bananas at the mark of 16k, some of them gives energy boost gels, menthols sprays for the legs, and ambulance stands. Unfortunately, some of the organizers lacks these. There are some events which lacks water stands, and ambulance.

And thankfully, I had fun running this event, event if I only took the 10km. Maxicare Run details — all event details are posted here. The route has different elevation level, and making it a good taper run.

Overall, I didn’t have any negative experience. I intentionally left my earphones at home, and I still enjoyed my run. Sadly, I wasn’t able to beat my PR. But hey! It wasn’t that bad after all. 😊

Here are some of our pictures after the event. (I dont take pictures during the run).

But lucky enough, a photographer took a photo of me along the road.

Here we are (me and my running buddies), at the runner’s village, just after claiming our finisher’s loots. Showing our finisher medals!

Photo below is my mandatory selfie with the maxicare mascot ❤️


Divisoria Shopping Failed

Failed shopping in Divisoria.

Today, I decided to head to one of the so-called shopping haven in Metro Manila which is Divisoria. And behold, a lot of cheap make-up tools are being sold.

I took home a set of make-up brushes with super soft bristles (I haven't used it on my face yet. I need to clean them first before trying on my face), and a make-up sponge.


But after I purchased the make-up brush, that's the time when I realized that my successful haul was failed. 😦 Head on to my youtube channel to find out why – Click here to find out why.


Misadventure in Bali – SCAM

*Faces of my bf and his sister was blurred out or was cut out of the pictures. Pictures are mine, unless stated otherwise.*

Who would've thought that we'll got scammed at our first day in Bali, Indonesia? Continue reading below to know how we got scammed, and what we did to resolve it.

It was a fine great morning to visit Bali. The weather was super great, blue skies with no sights of clouds. The hot sun was striking up. And cool wind was felt.

It was our first time to visit the beautiful island (yes, still beautiful despite of what had happened, but I have a trauma in coming back to Bali *sad* ).

We called an Uber (oops) to send us to our hotel. While inside the uber, we saw establishments, restaurants, resorts and MONEY CHANGERS (YEAH).

When we got in our hotel, we were 5 hours early for our check-in. So we decided to check the vicinity around. While strolling, walking down along the busy streets of Bali, we saw the prices, thousands, millions, and a lot of zeroes, then suddenly, it came to our mind that we need to look for a money changer to enjoy the beauty of Bali.

We remembered the prices we saw along our way to our hotel. And we tried to go back to the highest price offered. Little did we know, that we were about to be scammed by the money changer.

We gave the USD to be exchanged. The money changer (MC) man got the money and started to count rupiah. While counting, he then laid down the money in his table and group it into 500,000. Then he was like counting 500,000, 1,000,000 and so on. After the amount has been completed, he got the money in his hands and recounted while we have our eyes on his hands. After that, he let us count the money to check if it was complete and asked to get the money again as he will recount it again. Then suddenly, he asked if we have a smaller bill as he needed a change. Okay, at this part, we were so confused to the point that, upto this date, I cannot understand fully why he asked for a change if the money was completed.

SUMMARY: To sum it up, the money changer will try to confuse you and will recount the money over and over again until you got confused. And once he's done doing his magic, he'll ask you not to recount the money, and just to keep it because there's a lot of money snatchers in the streets of Bali. 

When we got home, that's the time when we noticed that 1m++ was missing from the money changer.

I googled up and saw a lot of entries regarding Bali's money changer scam. Some of them said that you cannot do anything, that no one will help you once you got scammed in Bali. But no, they're wrong.

WHAT WE DID: Here's what we did. We look for tourist police (Tourist Polisi) – the one near art market. Then we told the police that we've got scammed in the money changer. The police let us ride on their motors and went where we got scammed. The money changer gave back the 1m++ rupiah. The police asked when, how much, where. The police also asked for our names, our hotel name, and hotel room number. They also gave us tips on where to find an authorized money changer around Bali. 

Lessons Learned:

1. Google first before traveling.

Kudos to Bali Tourist Police! A great help for tourist!

Pictures below:



The two police in the tourist police post.

A lot of police came. They were around 6-7 police in total. The scene below was when they were asking for our names and hotel details.

Here's the money changer board outside of money changer scammer.

The police said to look for a money changer with "P.T Authorized Money Changer" or "P.T Money Changer" as they are the real authorized once and won't scam the tourist.

[REVIEW] Deja Poo 

“The feeling that you’ve done this before. Only this time, it smells better” – Keeva Essentials. 

A tag line which catches every toilet-conscious people who wishes to, as much as possible, leave their only trace inside the throne. And leave like nothing happened – and yes *raising my hands up*, ME – GUILTY. 🤣

Keeva Essentials had a very wise idea of coming up such magical potion. The packaging is a spritz-spray, thick plastic container, with a classy, chiq design that looks more a lot like a perfume. It’s very handy, thus, making the product travel friendly. 

A detailed instruction has been included in the container.

The product expiry date has also been included as well.

I got the mint scent, a subtle mint which reminds me the scent of tic tac mints. Just imagine how my p😍 smells like. 

Verdict: The product is VERY EFFECTIVE, and very worth it for the price at P235. But I got it on sale for around P170+. 

If interested, you may check them at their instagram account Keeva Essentials

[REVIEW] Avon Magic Liptint

There’s been a hype in koreans “gradient” lips. 

Me, having a tight budget, tends to look for a cheap liptint to achieve the korean gradient lips look.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to my recent discovery! Avon Lip tint.

Container: It’s made of a plastic. Not the cheap plastic, but it’s a thick plastic container.

It comes in white. It’s smooth, likes petroleum gel, but not sticky. The scent reminds me of candy.

I got KBM01 (snow pink)


Bare lips

Lips with tint

Perfect and can be worn everyday. Can also be “MLBB”. It lasts 3-4hrs (eating and drinking included).

It retails in the PH at P99.00 which approx $2 dollars. If you’re interested, contact your nearest avon lady now 🙂 

[REVIEW] Maybelline Strobing Stick

Im not really a fan of make-up, but I think this will become the reason why I’ll start checking for cosmetics. 

Maybelline Philippines is currently holding it’s sale, and I found this cute strobing stick. It’s currently being sold for 399 or around 8$. 

I noticed that the box has japanese characters on it, and indicated that it’s by facestudio. 

I wanted to purchase nyx illuminator, but it’s pricey compared to Maybelline, however, when I both swatch it, they both have the same shimmer. (I wasnt able to take a photo of the comparison swatch). Anyway, here’s how my skin looks like without the product. (Raw photo)

And here’s how it looks like (2 swipes) – (Raw photo)

Here’s a short video to show the shimmer in front of the light. Im sorry for the noise, it’s the raw video 🙂

​And here’s how it looks like when I blended out the product 🙂 — another raw video. 

I’ll let you decide. Tell me your thoughts 🙂 ❤️

Singapore is Wonderfully Perfect

The Lion city, or known as Singapore, is one of may favorite country to visit to. As a lady, I feel secured and safe walking along the streets of Singapore even at midnight. The city is so clean and the people are disciplined. One thing I noticed about the people, they are fast, like really fast, I almost fell off the escalator. Anyway, the whole visit was so worth it. Sharing you some of my favorite shots from the city.

*all photos are raw, and yet, the city is wonderfully perfect :)*

I would appreciate if my pictures would be credited. Thanks! ❤️