Colored Pens

There’s been a booming hit lately for colored pens. We couldn’t blame them, who wouldn’t be entised to grab beautiful colored pens? And looks like I’ll be joining the bandwagon.

Yesterday, I passed by our local bookstore to look for pens. Hmm no, actually, the motif of passing by in the bookstore is to burn time. But guess what, I went out of the bookstore spending P500 pesos, most likely around 10$. And what I bought? 3 colored pens + holder.


The pens are much cheaper if I got the holder and 3 inks, so that’s what I did.

In my 20+ years of existence, it’s the first time I saw a 0.28 pens with different colors. That’s the reason why I decided to buy them. Photo above is the sample of the pens.

It’s smooth to use, and very pretty because the output lines are very delicately thin! ❤ I’m opting to use these for small scribbling in my journal.

And of course, when we talk about pen, who wouldn’t thought of Muji?


Muji makes one of the best quality pens. But the thinnest I got is 0.38. But who cares? The colors are beautiful, and it’s from Muji.

Muji pens glides smoothly, and appears pleasing strike of colors 🙂

If you’ll ask me if I’ll get uni 0.28 pens? A big yes for me. I’m planning of getting the other 0.28 available colors. And who wouldn’t say no for Muji pens? I’ll also complete all the .38 colors.

Picture below shows the consolidated pens inks.



The Craft Central

I’ve been wanting to have a place to go when it comes to calligraphy. I usually end up searching for online sites to get some calligraphy nibs as these are not easily accessible in our local bookstores.


Good thing, the craft central already opened it’s physical store  (not a part of a shelf of a store) in Greenbelt. So, when I was in Greenbelt, I decided to passed by their store.

And just what I’ve been expecting, I found a corner for calligraphy nibs, and no doubt, I fell in love!!! ❤


They also have a corner for all the their inks, which, well, I haven’t tried yet.


There’s also a corner for their calligraphy brush pens



and some of which are from hobby outputs:




The Craft Central

3F Greenbelt 5, Makati City

Sunday-Thursday | 11:00 AM – 9:00PM |

Friday-Saturday | 11:00AM-10PM|

Contact Number (+63) 995 944 7387

Sparkle 2017 – Name Request

Year 2017 just begun, and I’m quite dealing with issues lately. But still, I’m trying to attract all the positivity in life. And of course, to at least forget the stress, I grabbed my paint and paper, and started to do calligraphy again using my metallic diy ink.

“Year to Sparkle” – I got this phrase from the calligraphy group which I’ve joined since last year. And since I’m making some metallic inks, I find the phrase fits the inks. And also, I want my  2017 to sparkle, I still believe, despite of all the problems, that 2017 is my year.

To make the “Year to sparkle 2017”, I used a paint brush found in our local bookstore and got myself a black paper so that the silver ink will really show.

Did you like this post? Anyone would want their names to be written? I’m accepting name requests FOR FREE. All you have to do is to type in your name/s in the comment section, and I’ll add the names in my future calligraphy post 😀