[REVIEW] The SAEM Cover Perfection tip Concealer

I was searching for a good concealer, preferably a Korean concealer as their products haven’t failed me yet. Then I came across with one of Morgan’s youtube. She was citing all her best Korean hauls, then I saw this concealer. I’ve also read some reviews and found that it’s really a good concealer. So I decided to get one myself.

What got me attracted is the SPF 28/PA++ stated in the tube of the concealer. SPF (Sun Protection Factor) this is the protection from UVB rays and PA++ is for UVA protection. In our dear Earth, we really need SPF and PA++ , a much needed protection from the harmful UV rays. How amazing is that?

Let’s get on the product itself. The concealer comes in a plastic thin tube. I’ve accidentally threw it on the floor, and I hear a loud bounced noice (that was “fresh from mail” moment, which literally means that I haven’t opened the seal yet, and my heart skipped a bit.) which luckily, didn’t break the concealer.

The applicator of the product comes in a wand with a slanted sponge tip, which makes it easier to apply, and easier to control.

The product comes in creamy texture. It doesn’t dry easily which really makes the concealer easier to blend.

When I blended the product, I noticed that it easily coats the skin. 1 swipe for medium coverage (kindly refer to the image below) and double swipe for a heavier coverage. 


Tip: I suggest you to use a make-up remover when washing away the concealer off your skin. It doesn’t come out using a soap and a sponge.

All in all. I love the product. It doesn’t look cakey, it doesn’t crease. When I applied it under my eyes, my under eyes still looks like a part of my real skin! It also last long, even if I washed my face. And oh, it’s cheap. It’s 300+ here in the PH, roughly around $7-8 US dollars.


[REVIEW] Tony Moly I’m Real Red Wine Mask

I just hoarded masks from Korean stores here in the Philippines. Honestly, I’m a bit skeptical of putting this mask in my shopping basket thinking it might do wrong on my skin,  I have a super sensitive skin. 

Nevertheless, trying out the first mask, I got the opposite result. I’m thinking maybe TonyMoly got the formulation right to the point that my skin is really loving their mask. Continue reading for my review.

For this post, I would like to review Tony Moly’s I’m real Red Wine mask. One of the reasons why I decided to get this is because of it’s pore care promise.

From TonyMoly.ph site:

1. Micro emulsion essence type mask to give moisture to skin

2. 3 layer pulp mask sheet to give deep moisture

3. Red wine extract clear pores and give silky texture

Ingredients printed on the pack:


Instructions in Korean. Good thing they’ve included graphical pictures for those who don’t read Hangul.


Instructions in English:


1. After washing face, apply mask on face.

2. 20-30 minutes later, take off the mask and tap gently the essence onto face

My Verdict:

> The serum smells good. It smells like red wine, but the sweet grape scent is stronger than of the alcohol scent.

> It half-filled my mask serum container, meaning, I can pat this all over my house tomorrow ❤

> I used a cold mask, plus used it while I’m inside a cold room (17 degree c). It actually shrink my pores and tightened it. I highlighted the cold sheet and the room as I think it also added as a factor for tightening my pores.

> Brightening of skin right after usage.

> Relaxing feeling to the point I almost slept on it.

> I didn’t experienced any breakouts, and no irritations experienced after used, only soft, moisturized and supple skin.

> No cons at all, just full of love.

> I’ll definitely repurchase, 100% sure. I recommend this mask for skin type combination, sensitive, and acne-prone skin.

> Priced at P62.40 or $1.25

Has anyone of you tried this mask? How was it? Did your skin love it too? Can you share your current favorite masks in the comment section? 🙂 Thanks! ❤

Goblin Korean Series

Only pictures and no additional details will be included in this post. Im getting a hype with this series, and almost, everyone in the Philippines are going crazy about it. 😂 

Snapshots of some of my favorite scenes are posted below. Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole series. I did a marathon, and was able to finish it it in 3 days 😂

*Pictures have been taken from different sites across google.com. They are not mine.

Sorry guys, Im currently hooked with anything related to korea. The series, foods, skincare, makeup 😂

Have you seen the series? I greatly recommend this one 😂

[REVIEW] Pig Collagen Nose Sheet

This Pig collagen nose sheets, was on sale in Althea Philippines. I grabbed my chance to haul and decided to try the pig collagen sheets.

One of my targeted problem is the whiteheads permanently residing on my nose. Let’s see how effective this product is.

Pore heating sheet – not really hot, but there’s a tingly sensation specially on those parts with lots of whiteheads. That sensation convinced me that it’s doing what it has promised.
As instructed, “leave the pore heating sheet for 15-20 mins, then wipe the melted waste. ”


After 20 mins, I removed the heating sheet. It didn’t find any noticeable waste, all I could see is the serum. 1 min after I removed the sheet, that’s the part where I felt the “heating” process. My nose feels hot, but it didn’t turn red. I guess, it’s started working! Excuse my big pores.

On to second step:


Blackhead clear sheet – It’s a pore sheet. It’s sticky and it smells weird. It smells like dried chili, but no, it doesn’t sting once sticked on the nose. As you can see, I can’t smile 😶

“Apply enough water on the nose, then remove the clear film with dry hands. Attach the white sheet and wait for 10-15 minutes until the sheet is completely dry. Remove the dry sheet slowly from the edge.”
At this stage, I felt sleepy, I felt relaxed, and I almost slept with the nose strip on my nose.

After 15 mins, it’s harvest time! Just a note, icky yucky post ahead.


And lastly, the third step.

Pore tightening sheet. At this stage, I could still feel the heat on my nose, and it turned to red 😂 This package contains lots of serum. It promises to close the pores after whiteheads extraction.
“Attach the final sheet on your nose and leave it for 5-10mins. Tap the remaining essence to let it absorbed into the skin.”


It’s effective, but strenuous haha. Anyhow, I can feel that my pores are breathing well. I’ll leave the picture of the “after” big to magnify the effect of the sheets.


1. It’s cheap, I got it for less than 100 pesos, less than 2$.

2. It didn’t irritate my skin, it only retained a hot feeling.

3. Affective. My whiteheads were gone 😄


1. Strenuous and needs to be planned ahead as the whole process will take you almost an hour.
Will I repurchase: I’ll give this a middle rate. I have nothing against this product. Maybe I will repurchase ✨

Review: Ciracle blackhead off Cotton Mask

Who among you girls share the same sentiments with me? I’m not blessed with good skin. I have big pores, and never ending growth of whiteheads and blackheads. I have an oily-combination, acne prone skin. Meaning, my skin easily gets irritated and react to the products I put on my skin.

Now, when you get to see a “goodbye blackheads” with a promise to see amazing results within 15 mins, and all you have to do is to shell out 1.10$ per nose cotton off mask, wouldn’t you try it, would you? Well in my case, I did. I’m telling you, I didn’t have any regrets at all. Just continue reading on why.. 

You can find ciracle in Lazada

The size reminds me of the old ipod. The packaging is neat. I like the fact that it’s being packed per piece for hygenic purposes.

I didn’t take a pic of the instructions as it was written in Korean Charaters. The sheet is a cotton mask soaked in the liquid product and it was shaped to fit on your nose.

The verdict:

I have no negative review with the mask. I love how it perfectly holds on the nose. I can move well, I can talk well, I can chew well without the sheet falling. During the application, I could feel some contraction around my nose, maybe that’s how the blackheads and whiteheads were removed. 

After the promising 15 mins, the whiteheads were removed. 

Before the application: disclaimer: it’s ewwww.

After the application, the peaking whiteheads were gone! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Will I repurchase? Ofcourse! 😂

Review: Klairs : Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask

I’m a non-stop hoarded of facial mask sheet. Despite of having a super sensitive skin – acne prone skin, I’m only relying on the good reviews all over the net. I just need to find the best facial mask, and I think it’s out there, somewhere.

Part of my 2017 goal is to wear facial mask sheet every other day. I am currently on acid and facial mask, I think is good right after the acids.

For today, I purchased Klairs Rich Moist Soothing sheet mask at Althea Philippines. I read somewhere that Klairs products are good for those who have sensitive skin, so why should I hesitate to give it a try?

I waited for 2 weeks to have my orders arrived at my door step. First thing I did was to read the description on the mask.

Here’s what the package says:

Dear, Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask is a concentrated moisturizing mask containing a rich blend of nutrients and plant extracts and specially formulated to control oil and pH level with 100% sheet.

Yes, correct. Well in fact, it is really moisturizing.

What is Klairs Soothing Mask?

  • It soothes your skin immediately with no irritation – hyaluronic acid and Phyto-oligo moisturizes your skin gently.
  • Nourishes and balances to soothe and refresh dry or senstivie skin.
  • High quality pure cotton sheet which soaked into a rich amount of serum makes skin look young healthy and vibrant.
  • The fiber masks perfectly hug facial contours for better penetration of the active ingredients.

Now, let’s go to the pros and cons of the sheet.


  1. It’s moisturizing.
  2. Easy face absorption
  3. I didn’t encounter any skin negative reaction. No irritations, no milia.
  4. Smells good, really! I fell in love with the scent of the mask.
  5. Cheap, I got it for P80, roughly around 1.6$



  1. My face got sticky when the serum dried.
  2. Nothing special.


Actually, I wasn’t bothered by the stickiness of the product. Just didn’t find anything special about this mask.

Will I re-purchase? Maybe.


Review : Naruko Tea Tree Mask

I haven’t read much out Naruko Tea Tree mask even before I purhased it. I’m a big fan of teas and maybe that’s the reason why I gave it a try. 

Kindly refer to the picture below for the benefit and ingredients of the mask. Got the picture from Naruko PH.  

For preparation, I always ensure that my face already cleansed by facial soap, and toner. For my mask step, I squeeze out some serum first. Spread and massage it all over my face. Once the serum has been fully absorbed by the skin, that’s the time to put on the mask and leave it on for 20-30 minutes and massage the face. Then if there’s still serum left in the package, empty it out and put the serum on the face. If I do the facial mask routine in the afternoon, I rinse it out with water after 2-3 hrs. 

Notice the word massage? Massage is effective, it does magic. Give it a try! 

The serum is clear, quite light and not thick. It smells great too! 

The mask is black and it covers my face well. 


  1. It’s cheap. Around 80 pesos (1$+) for a sheet. 
  2. It has a minty/cooling effect and very calming.
  3. Serum is not sticky at all.
  4. Serum absorbs quickly by the skin.
  5. Makes skin soft.


  1. I got a pimple on the day I used the mask 😦  

Will I repurchase? No. 

* disclaimer: We all have different skin types. This product might work for you. 😊 

For those who are in the Philippines and interested in trying the mask,  you may find Naruko in SM Department Store. They also have an online store Naruko PH. They have different creams and serums.