Cocolife – Scam?

I really wanted to share my experience with Cocolife agents. I think this would help plenty of people here in the Philippines. I was in Glorietta when this incident happened. Let me first give you a brief description as to what is Cocolife.

What is Cocolife? (Based from the agent)

This is a health care insurance built first to help Coco lumbers. This company is associated with UCPB (United Coconut Planters Bank) and also SMB (San Miguel Brewery Corp.). The agent also cited several well-known corporations which are currently offers insurance to their employees : Pepsi, Convergys.

So here’s what happened..

Just I was about to go to Greenbelt to meet my friends, I accidentally by Cocolife and there were 3 agents scattered outside the store. One of the agents approached me. Of course, automatically, what I’ll do is to walk faster away from them. BUT, one of the agents tried to block my way, and the other one, was asking me to listen first. Okay, so I allowed myself to listen to them.

Agent 1: Hi, Ma’am. We’re currently having a promo. This is just free and no need to pay for anything. You’ll just have to fill-up this coupon to have a chance to win in our free trip to Malaysia. But first, are you already working? and do you have a credit card? Are you the primary holder of the credit card? and can we see it?

*How stupid of me to say yes, and to show them my cards*

Me: Okay, give me your pen.


After filling up the coupon, I’m already ready to leave. But I didn’t expect that the two agents will stop me AGAIN.

Agent 2: Please listen first ma’am. He needs to have a quota so that he can already go home.

Agent 1: Yes ma’am, please. You’ll be the one to complete my quota. All you have to do is to go inside and we will give you a free bag.

Me: Huh? I thought I only need to fill up this form? I have another commitments to attend to.

Agent 1: You will only need to fill up another form inside. Just so they will have a proof that I have let you signed the coupon. Then after which, you’ll be able to get your free bag.

Me: Okay.  *Goes inside (Im stupid. Ugh)*

Then there’s so many agents inside. I was told that I would need to attend a presentation. Of course, I’m shocked as they didn’t say anything about the presentation when I entered. I was arguing with them because I really needed to leave. But since, I guess I’m a nice person (ugh, I shouldn’t be), I attended the presentation.

To summarize the presentation, the agent will only talk and try to convince you to sign up for their insurance. I asked him if I can get the paper which he used to discuss the cocolife. However, he said that my request is not possible. I forgot to add, during the conversation, I keep on  blocking he’s thought because I’m having a feeling that he’s trying to get me swipe my credit card.

Here are the things he said that alerted me.

  1. “Cocolife is not an insurance, it’s like a piggy bank”. You’ll have to pay them monthly, and there will be an interest. Then after 10 yrs, you can withdraw all your payments with an additional 10% of the total amount. And after 10 yrs, there will be a lifetime insurance from them.  ***** where in Earth can you find a company that will give money? As what the sales agent said, they are not dealing with stocks. Soooo, where can they get such huge money?***
  2.  “Policy.” ***The policy was provided without even checking my health status.***
  3. “No requirements needed.” All you have to do is to hand them your credit card. ***They don’t even required a valid ID, birth certificate, a proof of billing***
  4. Then the agent asked me Im going to sign up, it’s only a day promo. I said, I would need to think about it first and I will have to do some researches about your company. And the agent said “Basing from SMC, don’t you think that we aren’t credible?” ***Here’s what I answered: No. because SMC and Cocolife are not the same entity. I dont care whether the owner of SMC and Cocolife is the same. I need to think about it first and need to do some researches just to be sure that my money won’t put to waste.
  5. The agent showed me 3 ways to pay the insurance, Annually (18k+), Semi-Annual (9k+) and Quarterly (5k+). The agent asked me , if ever, what would I choose? ***Ofcourse, I’m thrifty, I answered 5k. The agent told me, why not choose the 18k? I I said, it’s too expensive, how can I budget my money if you will ask me to pay 18k? If ever, I would like to get the quarterly installment basis. You wouldn’t imagine what he said next: USE YOUR CREDIT CARD. And you wouldn’t imagine how I reacted next, I said the following full of conviction: NO NO NO NO NO with head and hand actions! HELLO!! If you would want to help people, why would you force people to swip their cards?”.

Then after the No no no no, he escorted me out of the office (He was disrespectful from the way he escorted me out, he’s like burning mad. He didn’t even open the doors for me), they didn’t hand me the FREE BAG after they wasted my time. Aaaaand you know what? The agent who said that he already got his quota that he can already go home because of me, was staying outside and looking for his next victim.

Here’s what I thought:

  1. I guess, the reason why their place has a loud sound, (Yes, you will have to shout to hear the one who discusses cocolife with you), so that other people in other tables won’t hear your objections.
  2. The reason why they were checking if you have your credit card with you, is for them to ask you to swipe your card at the end of the stupid presentation.
  3. They are opportunist. Big time opportunist!!
  4. They will do all their best to get you inside their office.
  5. Yes, they were not asking for any payments for their promo, however, they are targeting your credit card.
  6. I have an existing insurance, but my current insurance allows me to pay my insurance in CASH.
  7. SCAMMERS!!!!!  – Review the credit card incident, and the moment when they didn’t allow me to do some research first.


When I got home, I immediately searched for Cocolife. I’ve read several bad reviews. I’ve also consulted my friends, and they also got a bad reviews about the company. *GOOD THING!*

People, please be aware. Always use your mind before you swipe your card.  And before signing up to any corporation promos / insurances, always, always research first.


52 – weeks Challenge (Saving) – Giving away a Free Template download

So what is the 52 – Weeks Challenge?  – I’ll be giving away a free template with instructions.

This is the number of weeks in which you will need to save money  – per week of the entire year. Are you wishing to have a savings at the end of the year, then this might help.

There’s a lot of ways in which you save money. Whether get an insurance, and pay your insurance depending on your goal and on the terms of payment you’ve chosen. You may also do stocks, open a mutual funds, time deposit, open your own business – earn and save. Or you may want to try this.

This is simple and easy to follow. I have included some instructions in the template, so you may just read and follow to know how to use the template.

I have included 3 columns for your goal, so just choose whether you want to get the 27,560 pesos/dollars or 68,900 pesos/dollars or 137,800 pesos/dollars by the end of the year.


Before you start, please bear in mind that you will need lots and lots of discipline to make sure that you will not touch even a single cent.

Tools you’ll need:

  1. Your computer – To be able to download the template.
  2. Printer – I advised you to print a hard copy file so that you’ll be able to post it somewhere to remind you to save.
  3. Marker / Pen – This is to mark the completed week. Note: Just mark the week right after you dropped the money.

Don’t cheat and Discipline please! 🙂

52-weeks-challenge-savings   << Download the template here 🙂 No Virus. Promise! 😀

Then let’s share our savings at the end of 2017! Happy Savings!! 😀